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This message piece was part of a series of instructional compositions written by Bruce Jackson to teach the lads music and values. It has been performed many times in churches and festivals. This recording from 2000 includes Galen (age 11) on bass guitar, Kelsey (age 14) on synthesizers, and Aaron (age 16) on set. Bruce performs on guitar and vocals.
©1997 Exis Jaxn

Current Vita

Bruce Jackson with Guitar, 2007

Professional Musical Experience


Symphony orchestra, musical theater, jazz and popular music, church music and choral directing
Performance Resume (PDF file, 57 KB)

Bruce and guitar outdoors by favorite tree

Original Music Compositions


Fanfare 20th Century

This fanfare is a computer sequence developed during an experimental period working with that medium. This is the third movement titled “War to End War.” It has an anti-war theme that has appeared in many Exis Jaxn compositions. The piece was composed with an inexpensive sequencer called Ballade on a 486 loaded with DOS 6.0 and the LAPC-1 sound card. It was performed at Ball State University in a composer’s forum investigating music and technology. To this day Bruce maintains his 486 for occasional compositional forays back to the dark ages! Recorded in 1992.
© 1992 by Bruce Jackson