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Three Bagatelles for Double Bass Solo

This excerpt of one of the bagatelles composed by Bruce Jackson demonstrates his quasi-atonal melodic style. While not a purely 12-tone work, this disjointed melody ranging across the extreme range of the double bass offers up a less than “singable” tune typical of the genre. While it may not be the easiest piece of music to listen to, it is great fun to play! The slides and grace notes are intentional and notated in the score. The composer performed this work using the g-d-G-C Scordatura tuning. Recorded in 1990.
©1990 Bruce Jackson

Sustaining Love

Sustaining Love is typical of a series of new age message songs Bruce Jackson has composed for church worship services. The has been performed at Bethel Baptist Church and The Unity Center of Columbia. This recording from 2000 includes Galen (age 11) on bass guitar, Kelsey (age 14) on synthesizers, and Aaron (age 16) on percussion. Bruce performs on guitar and vocals.
©1998 Exis Jaxn

Songs for ComputerPiano

ComputerPiano includes a series of multi-movement compositions exploring sequenced piano sounds with Bruce Jackson performing. The work was composed on a Pentium using Musicator Audio and an SCC-1 card. These experiments reflected Exis Jaxn’s conscious move away from dissonant compositions towards traditional harmonic progressions punctuated with seconds and chord clusters. Recorded in 1996.
© 1996 by Bruce Jackson

Sam (Part 2 of 2)

(cont.) Sam includes progressions typical of Bruce’s early compositions for the family band. Many of the sounds discovered here appear on later works. This 1999 recording includes Galen (age 10) on bass guitar, Kelsey (age 13) on vibraphone, and Aaron (age 15) on percussion. Bruce sings and performs on classical guitar.
©1997 Exis Jaxn

Sam (Part 1 of 2)

One of the early works composed for the Exis Jaxn Band, this work was a memorial to one of Galen’s Sunday school friends who died suddenly of spinal meningitis. This reflective composition was an emotional project for the lads and an important teaching tool. Recorded in 1999. (Description continued on Part 2)
©1997 Exis Jaxn

Over the Rainbow

This 1998 recording is from the band’s second recording session. This famous popular tune composed by Harold Arlen with lyrics by E.Y. Harburg is one of a few recordings of a 9-year-old Galen as lead vocalist of the band. Since his hands were too small to play bass in his early years, he was the lead vocalist for nearly three years. In this recording, Bruce did the bass work, Kelsey (age 12) provided synthesizer solos, and Aaron (age 14) was on percussion. Recorded in 1998.