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Overture for Jazz Septet (Part 1 of 3)

The Overture is one of four compositions included in Bruce Jackson’s doctoral dissertation. The composition is typical of his third stream style influenced by Gunther Schuller, who was serving as President of New England Conservatory of Music while Bruce was a student there. It was Dr. Schuller who encouraged him to develop a program of study that included Jazz Studies and Bass Guitar. Recorded in 1994. (Description continued on Part 2)
©1993 Bruce Jackson

Opera Improvisation

This brief excerpt is an improvisation on themes from Bruce’s latest compositional project. Recording on an old Tascam four-track used for experimentation and exploration, Bruce cut three tracks improvising on themes from the suite that serves as the musical foundation for his opera project. Since concluding his volume of poetry Tales, Politics and Religion, he has been focusing on this major work. Recorded: July 2007.
c2007 Bruce Jackson

Goin’ Fishin’

A musical joke, this up-tempo blues was an early training piece introducing the lads to this important style. This recording omits several verses, since it was recorded for a demo. Though it incorporates a story line utterly out of the experience of the band, it is meant to be nothing more than a bit of tongue-in-cheek. In this recording, Bruce did all the vocals and bass work, Kelsey (age 12) was on synthesizer, and Aaron (age 14) was on percussion. Galen did not perform on this recording. Recorded in 1998.
© 1998 by Exis Jaxn


The Exis Jaxn Band originally intended to emphasize vocals. Here both Galen and Kelsey harmonize vocally with Bruce on this early training piece in Latin jazz genre. This style has always been a favorite of the band. In this recording, Bruce did the bass work, Kelsey (age 12) was on synthesizer, and Aaron (age 14) played set. This recording was shortened into a demo format typical of early Exis Jaxn recordings. Recorded in 1998.
© 1998 by Exis Jaxn